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Titanium Countersunk bolts

Titanium Countersunk bolts Titanium Countersunk bolts Titanium Countersunk bolts
Product name:Titanium Countersunk bolts

Description of Titanium Fasteners

1) Grade:

  • Gr2 and Gr5 (Popular Grade)
  • Gr1,Gr3,Gr4,Gr9,Gr11

2) Sizes:

  • >= M2

3) Standard:

  • Bolts, Screws: DIN558,DIN912,DIN931,DIN933,DIN939,DIN963,DIN965, DIN966, DIN7984,DIN6921.DIN7985,DIN7991,ISO7380,etc.
  • Nuts: DIN555,DIN934, DIN985,DIN6923,etc.
  • Also we can offer Non-standard parts(according to your drawing)

4) Features:

  • Low density,Excellent corrosion resistance,Rustless
  • No magnetic,High strength,Good plasticity

5) Applications:

Bicycle or car production,Chemical industry,Aerospace and military field,Medical field,etc.

6) Quality Assurance:

  • Strict quality control System: Each link of the production will be strickly controled,ensuring without one un-qualified product being out from our company.
  • Certification Report: Material Certification,CE,REACH,SGS testing report will be offered.

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